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Custom Designed Fascinator Deposit

Custom Designed Fascinator Deposit


This is a DEPOSIT for a custom designed Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, Thurby fascinator, cocktail hat or hatinator. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of product prior to shipping.
We love (and we mean looooooove) creating custom designs for clients!
Here are the steps:

1. Purchase a "Custom Creation" in our Shop, this will serve as your deposit

2. Email us a photo of your dress and link if possible (to view additional photos)

3. Color preferences (likes and dislikes)

4. Price range (custom orders start at $150)

5. Names or screenshots of any of our pieces that are your faves!

6. What side you part your hair on. A LEFT PART is a separation of your hair closest to YOUR left side, with majority of hair falling to the right. A RIGHT PART is a separation of your hair closest to YOUR right side, with majority of hair falling to the left. ​​


Our first conact with you will occur within one week of your purchase to begin the process. As we approach Derby, the turnaround time may lengthen. We will work on your custom fascinator and email you a picture of a few options pinned. At this point you will have the opportunity to let us know any changes you would like to be made to your fascinator. We will then put the finishing touches on it, get your approval and send it on its happy way to you! Cheers!


​*Please note, Custom Orders will end in advance of Derby, at a date yet to be determined. If you want to secure your spot but don't have your dress yet, you can purchase a Custom Creation and contact us once you've found your outfit, so long as we receive images prior to April 12th. Happy shopping! ​


Visit FAQ for more info!

  • Fascinator Info

    Fascinate Designs fascinator, hat.  Crafted in Louisville, Kentucky.  All fascinators include headband.  Perfect for Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, Thurby, Steeplechase, or any of your race day ensembles!  Please contact us if you have further questions about a piece,  Giddyup buttercup!

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